The 10 cm thick AirFloor is our thinnest track.

Its movability and stability make the AirFloor great for gymnastics, cheerleading, martial arts, senior gym and school sports. Softer on the body than foam, bouncier than a spring floor and highly versatile, the AirFloor offers a unique training experience.


AirTracks combine all the positive characteristics.
  • The AirFloor is inflated within 2 minutes
  • Standard training pressure: hard
  • The AirFloor can be placed on any floor
  • Easily portable from gym to gym
  • No noise during trainings because continuous inflation is not required
  • Only 10 cm thick
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AirTracks combine all the positive characteristics from above. Due to the variations in thickness and pressures, AirTracks can be very bouncy and safe te land on or sturdy and fast like a springfloor



Technical specification

DWF see-through
3 Layered DWF Coating 800.000 Yarns/m2

ATF Leak Prevention Technology

Regular DWF
  • Thin coating
  • Lower Adhesion
  • More sensitive to leakage
  • coating
  • yarns
ATF Sports DWF
  • Thick coating
  • Higher adhesion
  • Less leakage

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